Boat bottom paint removal

Boats must be cleaned regularly in the underwater area and stripped before a new coat. The conventional methods are grinding and sandblasting. Both methods are very stressful, time consuming and cause a lot of dirt. In addition, various protective measures must be observed in sandblasting.

Boat bottom paint removal with vacuum blasting without high pressure, water and chemicals

The patented Tornado ACS cleaning machine works according to a unique future oriented vacuum blast method with special granules. The minimally abrasive technology allows an eco friendly cleaning, stripping and decoating of surfaces. With the vacuum blast method it is cleaned in a permanent cycle. The granules can be reused again (up to 100 times).

The cleaning equipment is easy to use and applicable for everyone. Thus, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the ideal alternative to grinding, sand blasting machines and dry ice blasting.

With the cleaning machine Tornado ACS boat bottom paint removal is easily done on a trailer and without polluting the environment. The surfaces to be stripped to the hull, can be fixed well. To mask the remaining areas is not necessary.

The Tornado ACS is a worthwhile investment for any boat club and every marina.  Especially for small clubs, this cleaning technology suits perfectly. Due to the closed cycle of this vacuum blasting method, all paint and dirt residues and granules remain inside of the system. Since neither high pressure, water nor chemicals are used, protective clothing and barriers are not necessary during the boat cleaning.

In addition, the cleaning machine is often used in graffiti removal, facade cleaning, fire damage restoration and saltpetre and lime removal.

Systeco stands for effective and eco friendly cleaning methods. With our patented vacuum blasting method we have developed future oriented cleaning machines. The company guarantees the quality of its solid long-lasting products. On our website you can get comprehensive information about the systeco cleaning technology and the many possibilities of the Tornado ACS cleaning machine.

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