Paint removal from fibreglass boat

For paint removal from fibreglass boat, you have two possibilities. Either you can grind off the old paint in sweaty work, or use chemical solvents which pollute the environment unnecessarily. But the paint can also be removed from fibreglass boats easily with cleaning machine Tornado ACS.  systeco cleaning machines Tornado ACS work ecofirneldy completely without high pressure, water and chemicals and are easy to operate.

So easy is paint removal
from fibreglass boat

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS paint removal from fibreglass boat is done without great physical effort residue-free and surface gentle. Even the most stubborn layers of paint are no problem for cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method old coat of paint is removed from the surface, layer by layer by blast media blast media (granulate), without damaging the structure of the fibreglass boat. That way fibreglass boat hulls are optimally prepared for a new coat of paint.

Further advantages of systeco cleaning machines are that at work neither a respirator nor safety gloves must be worn. The units are lightweight and compact and can be used both in indoor areas as well as in outdoor areas. It is simply a normal power source required.

Paint removal from fibreglass boat, without environmental burden

Paint removers are not proven particularly environmentally friendly, which makes their use especially outdoors, environmentally critical. On the other hand with systecos vacuum blast technology you dont need to worry about a possible impact to the environment. All ablation residues remain in the closed circuit of the machine and are collected there in the filter system. An environmentally friendly disposal can be carried out after completion of the operation.

Vacuum blasting of systeco, a complete new world of cleaning

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco are not only suited for surface gentle and ecofriendly paint removal from fibreglass boats, but also offer a lot more application possibilities. With these cleaning machines you can also clean completely all soilings from house facades, stone floors, tiled walls and walls with coat of paint.

Further information about the various application possibilities of systeco you can find on our website, or directly at one of systecos trade partner.