[Translate to English:] Unternehmen der Reinigungsbranche

[Translate to English:] Die umweltfreundliche staubfreie Reinigungstechnologie von systeco ist für viele Unternehmen der Reinigungsbranche zunehmend interessanter.  

Housing Associations

In general, housing associations manage many properties and homes. On outer facades graffiti paintings are often seen, which must be removed costly. Also indoors the walls and floors pollute very fast. Systeco´s green cleaning machine could already help in many cases.

List of chosen housing associations.

Machinery rental

Machinery of all kinds are rented often via rental stations, especially if machines are needed for a special short term work. Smaller machines can be borrowed in a hardware store, bigger machines can be rented from a construction machines renter.

Currently the cleaning machine Tornado ACS be rented from Bauhaus Berlin Fachzentrum Kurfürstendamm:

List of chosen rental stations: