Creative sandblasting with Tornado ACS

With creative sandblasting photo motifs, company logos or just an individual design can be engraved on all mineral sub soils. No matter if wall charts or floors made of natural stone, gavestones or house facades, with systeco´s vacuum blast method any motif can be engraved into the stone.

Be creative, the Tornado ACS machines are light and compact and can be used everywhere. Prior knowledge is not necessary and special health and safety measures are not required.

With systeco´s vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS, creative sandblasting is easy done, all you need is a normal power connection, blast media and a sandblast foil with your motif. The workpiece doesn´t have to be placed in a jet cabin, the machine can be taken directly to the surface to be worked on.

Creative sandblasting made very simple

It just needs the sandblast foil to be pressed onto the clean stone surface with some moisture and the jet cap of the vacuum blast machine has to be placed on it. After the jet lance must be evenly moved over the sandblast foil until the motif has reached the desired depth. The entire sandblasting process can be observed through some window panels at the jet cap. Once the motif is finished, the hood and sandblast foil are removed and you can admire your finished engraving.

To raise the contrast, the blasted area can be painted over. You should do that before removing the foil. systeco´s Tornado ACS machines are not only perfectly suited for creative sandblasting, they can do a lot more. Have a look at our website.