Dust-free cleaning machine

The requirements for environmentally friendly cleaning processes are constantly increasing. The Tornado ACS is the only dust-free cleaning machine that operates according to the revolutionary vacuum jet process without high pressure, water and chemicals.

When it comes to the environmentally friendly cleaning of dirty facades, walls or interior walls, the dust-free cleaning machine from systeco is the best choice. Without prior knowledge or special protective measures, remove the graffiti, saltpetre, rust, moss, algae growth and color from all mineral substrates with the Tornado ACS cleaning machine. The vacuum jet process not only protects the substrate, but also the environment.

This vacuum blast method is not comparable to other cleaning methods. More and more companies are relying on this advanced technology.

The environmentally friendly dust-free cleaning machine

The innoative cleaning technology, which works according to the principle of the vacuum blast method, differs basically from the usual sandblasting, dry ice blasting or the high pressure cleaner. The minimally abrasive vacuum blasting removes even the most stubborn soiling without burdening the environment. All removed residues remain in the closed circuit of the cleaning device and are disposed of after the working process.

All the advantages and applications of Tornado ACS cleaning machines can be found here on our website. Below are some examples.

Wit the dust-free cleaning machine of systeco, facades and walls look like new again. Wheather a house facade has to be cleaned from graffiti or saltpeter efflorescence or interior walls after a fire, doesn´t really matter here, the dust-free cleaning machine Tornado ACS makes every background look like new again. Without great effort 3 to 5 sqm can be worked on per hour and all that at a minimal noise level.

No barriers are necessary for the cleaning of facades on streets with public business. All impurities on brick, concrete, plaster, granite and tiles are thoroughly removed.