Eco friendly cleaning technology of systeco

Building finishes such as clinker, plaster and natural stone facades, but also floors, staircases and tiled walls need to be cleaned from time to time. Conventional cleaning techniques, however, we can attack the surface and pollute the environment high-pressure lamps and chemical means. The  eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS of systeco offers the best alternative for effective facade, wall, and floor cleaning!

Advanced cleaning technology Tornado ACS

With systeco´s cleaning machines any mineral surface can be cleaned from fumes, moss, algae, saltpetre efflorescence and even graffiti. An everything totally surface gentle and environmentally friendly! Cleaning technology Tornado ACS works completely without high pressure, water and chemicals. It has a low noise level, is usable at freezing temperatures and no special waste arises.

The advantage to other conventional methods is, that systeco´s cleaning technology works on the basis of a patented vacuum blasting process.  Here granules (blasting agent), which consists of nutshell,  aluminum silicate or jet glass, accelerate through a created  vacuum created up to 400 km / h.

The resulting high impact velocity of the abrasive residue removes any contaminants on the treated surface. Even the most stubborn stains have no chance! Further applications for eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS are paint removal and stripping of surfaces, such as paint removal on boats, fire damage restoration, tile and grout cleaning as well as historic preservation and photo engravings on granite. Convince yourself of the benefits of systeco´s eco friendly cleaning technology.

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Application examples of systeco cleaning technology