Facade cleaning with vacuum blast method

Rust, algae, moss, graffiti and saltpetre make facades very unsightly over the years. With the eco friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS those contaminations are removed during the facade cleaning without leaving any residue, eco friendly and with a low sound level. Due to the vacuum the jet cap adheres to the surface during the facade cleaning, which enables a fatigue-proof work with little effort.

eco-friendly facade cleaning

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS sandstone facades are cleaned thoroughly and especially surface gentle from all contaminants. Whether residues from exhaust fumes, industrial fallout, dust, rust, graffiti, moss or algae, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS completely removes all of it, without damaging the sandstone´s surface.

Brick facade cleaning

Bricks are stones which not only make the house facade look nice, but they are also very resistant. In addition brick hardly absorbs water. Despite dark brick, due to climate and environmental influences and the course of time leave a façade look unsightly. In addition, various graffitis are added to that. Find out more about brick facade cleaning.

Facade cleaning on sandstone

Environmental influences and climate conditions let a sandstone facade darken over the years. To bring back the natural coloring to the sandstone facade, a facade cleaning has to be done from time to time. However, conventional methods such as high pressure and chemical means can damage the stones surface and are mostly not friendly to the environment.
Find out more about facade cleaning on sandstone

Natural stone facade cleaning

The façade represents a well-groomed exterior appearance, so regular cleaning work is indispensable. Professional cleaning with the latest methods and techniques is not only about good looks, but also about maintaining the façade as well as an eco-friendly cleaning. Find out more about natural stone facade cleaning.

Facade cleaning on EIFS

Eco-friendly facade cleaning on EIFS is perfectly done with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS. The work can be done in contrast to the high-pressure cleaner and dry ice blasting in public without any special health and safety measures. The facade cleaning succeeds with our green cleaning technology without damaging it.

Plaster facade cleaning

You want to clean a plaster facade, but are not sure which is the best method? Then have a look at systeco cleaning machine Tornado ACS, with this equipment any plaster facade is thoroughly cleaned without damaging the surface. Even the strongest pollutions and graffitis are removed trouble-free, prior knowledge or special arrangements are not required. Find out more about plaster facade cleaning.

Exposed concrete cleaning

Surfaces of exposed concrete are relatively resistant to pollution. Nevertheless, weather influences can make an exposed concrete facade look unsightly during the years. That´s why moss black stains are not rare, but above of all it is the graffititswhich must be removed increasingly. Here the vacuum blast method is also the eco-friendly altrernative. Find out more about exposed concrete cleaning.

Facade cleaning on gravel concrete

Gravel concrete facades are very proned for dirt and moss growth due to its rough surface. Graffitis adhere specially well on gravel concrete, the removal is often problematic. With the eco-friendly cleaning machine Tornado ACS exposed aggregate concrete is very easy to clean.
Find out more about facade cleaning on gravel concrete.

Algae removal on facades

Not only environmental influences caused by exhaust gases or dust, but also organic creatures such as algae, can become a problem on façades over the years. To effectively clean a facade from algae, you need nothing more but the Tornado ACS cleaning machine, blast media (granulate) and a power supply. Find out more about algae removal on facades.

Ivy removal from brick

Especially old ivy, which blooms and bears fruit, looks great at the house wall. No question. But if you want to remove it, it leaves bad traces. Cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the right alternative to the upper mentioned methods. Find out more about  ivy removal from brick

Natural stone cleaning with cleaning technology

Natural stone cleaning ideally succeeds with cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The old dirt is removed completely. Because of the closed circuit, working in public is not a problem during the facade cleaning. Protective clothing is not necessary.