Cleaning plaster walls with systeco´s cleaning equipment

During the years algae and moss, but also dust and fumes are leaving stains on plaster walls. Those can be removed eco friendly and residue-free with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS.

Cleaning plaster walls very easy

The cleaning machine is usable everywhere and ready to work in no time. Due to the vacuum blast method by systeco, the surface of plaster walls can be cleaned especially gentle. Without water, chemicals or high pressure, cleaning machine Tornado ACS can also fight the most persistant dirt. The work on external walls is just as handy as in staircases.

Special knowledge or safety measures are not required. The use of the machine is totally safe, barriers on busy roads not necessary.

Why do more and more house owners and cleaning services using the cleaning technique Tornado ACS of systeco for cleaning plaster walls?

  • 1  economic
  • 2  surface gentle
  • 3  easy application
  • 4  usable everywhere
  • 5  environmentally friendly
  • 6  without high pressure, water and chemicals
  • 7  completely safe

Cleaning plaster walls can be done cleaning machine Tornado ACS not only on plaster facades, but also all other types of facades and walls. Whether clinker, natural stone or EIFS facades, with systeco everything is completely clean again.