Removing ivy from brick with Tornado ACS

Are you asking yourself of how to possibly remove ivy from brick surface gentle? Nothing easier than that, simply use the cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco.

Thanks to the patented vacuum blast methodremoving ivy from brick facades can be done problem-free, without damaging the surface or the grouts. Even in small sections and holes, the roots have no chance.


Removing ivy from brick facade has never been easier !

With just a few simple steps, the cleaning machine is ready to use, all you need is a normal power supply. No previous experience is required to operate the machine and you do not need safety glasses or safety gloves. Barriers on busy streets are not necessary!

Try it yourself, not only the easy handling, but also the low noise level makes working with cleaning machine Tornado ACS a real pleasure.


systeco cleaning technology, friendly to the environment !

The cleaning equipment Tornado works totally eco-friendly without high pressure, water and chemical detergents. There is neither waste water nor is dirt distributed in the area, like with a pressure washer.

Working with systeco all debris remain in the closed cycle of the machine and are caught in a filter system. The disposal is done easy and comfortable after the working process.

systeco cleaning machines are not only used for removing ivy from brick but also for other applications, graffiti removal,monument protection, boat cleaning, fire damage restoration and much more.