Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal with eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS, is possible on clinker,natural stone, concrete, plaster, paint, tiles, plastic and many other surfaces easily and quickly.

Our green cleaning equipment is the ideal alternative to pressure washers or dry-ice blasting. The minimally abrasive operation protects the surface of being harmed. The closed circuit does not require any protective clothing.

The patented vacuum blast method allows a clean and eco friendly graffiti removal. The cleaning unit is set up in a few minutes and ready for use. The expensive disposal of soiled cleaning materials is not necessary because the system operates without high pressure, water and chemicals.

Graffiti removal on brick

On brick, the cleaning equipment is very reliable with a high surface coverage of 4-5 m2 per hour. Above all, the grouts are purely down to the pores. With the eco friendly cleaning machine Tornado ACS you are working in a closed circuit. The expensive disposal of contaminated water or blasting media is not necessary.
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Removing graffiti from plaster

The eco friendly cleaning machine Tornado ACS works on all mineral plaster systems and paints, environmentally friendly and gentle. Because of the minimally abrasive vacuum blasting process, the sensitive surface of the facades is not damaged. To clean the fine structures of plaster facade pores, very fine granules have to be used (e.g. jet glass SG 150 or ASILIT AS 90).
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Graffiti removal from painted surface

Graffiti removal from painted surfaces works well with the green cleaning machine Tornado ACS.  Due to the minimally abrasive vacuum blasting method, the graffiti is removed from the painted facade. The sensitive surface will not be harmed by that. On facade paint you must only work with fine-grain blasting medium.
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Graffiti removal on natural stone

Natural stone is very different in texture. From granite to sandstone there are big differences. With the right granules the cleaning machine Tornado ACS can be used on all natural stone surfaces. It is essential to determine whether the color is adhered to the surface or penetrated into the stone. Unevenness up to 3 cm can be handled well with the green cleaning equipment Tornado ACS.
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Graffiti removal on concrete

Concrete is a very hard medium. For graffiti removal on concrete you can use coarse granules (eg AS 250-500), as shown here with the motorway maintenance authority Glienke, quickly and efficient. The surface is not damaged by the vacuum blasting method. The cleaning technolgy Tornado ACS cleaning is also the perfect alternative to high-pressure cleaners and dry ice blasting.
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Graffiti removal on tile

Tiles are very easy to get rid of graffiti and dirt with cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Even grouts are completely clean again. That also works in winter at minus temperatures, since neither water nor chemicals are used. With a pressure washer, this result cannot be obtained.
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Graffiti removal on plastic

Whether it is power distributors, telecommunication distributors or plastic doors, all objects are very attractive for graffiti pollutions. With green cleaning solution Tornado ACS surfaces can be cleaned and look as new again. Through the closed circulation system of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS it can be used without blocking the working area, without problems in summer as well in winter at minus temperatures. Find out more about graffiti removal on plastic.

Heritage graffiti remover

For objects which are heritage-protected, there are very high restrictions on graffiti removal, since the substance of the objects must not be damaged in any case. With the cleaning system Tornado ACS, the surface will not be damaged during the removal of graffiti.
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Graffiti removal at subway Berlin

In the Berlin underground stations, the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is an important player. The advantages of the cleaning solution Tornado ACS are used in the Berlin subway to their best advantage. Thus, the stations can be cleaned in the public even in freezing temperatures. Because of the closed circuit there is no risk for the environment.
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Graffiti removal on motorways

The Tornado ACS green cleaning equipment with its unique cleaning technology is now being used by a number of motorway maintenance for environmental friendly graffiti removal on the highway bridges and WC stations. A shut-off of the highway on the bridges is not necessary, even the toilet houses do not need to be locked during the cleaning.
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