Graffiti cleaner Tornado ACS

Graffiti cleaner Tornado ACS of systeco is perfectly usable for graffiti removal. With the eco-friendly cleaning technology, paint smearing can be removed from house facades and walls trouble-free and completely without high pressure, water and chemical detergents.

Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method even hardened graffiti is completely removed from all mineral subsoils.

Easy graffiti removal with graffiti cleaner Tornado ACS

Graffiti cleaner Tornado ACS is easy to operate and usable averywhere. Even at minus temperatures the graffiti removal is easy done. Neither is prior knowledge nor are special health and safety measures required. All you need is a machine equipped with blast media (granulate) and a 230 V power supply. After turning on the machine and placing the jet cap, you have to move the jet lance evenly over the polluted area. The graffiti is removed layer by layer from the surface, by the accelerated granulate caused by the negative pressure.

The entire cleaning process takes place under a jet cap, which is connected by a suction hose with the machine. All ablated materials are immediately sucked off and are caught in the filter system of the cleaning machine. Nothing penetrates to the outside, the environment is not harmed.

Graffiti removal has never been more effective than with systeco cleaning machines.  Convince yourself of the benefits of this advanced technology. Further information about the Tornado ACS cleaning technology you can find here on our webiste or directly at one of our systeco trade partner.