Which costs arise for graffiti removal ?

For each graffiti removal the cost have an important part. For small graffitis you can surely use common chemical means. If the areas become larger, it already gets more difficult. In those cases only mechanical methods are possible. Furthermore, one must remember that the environmental regulations have tightened considerably in recent years. Violations of environmental regulations are now severely punished.

The pressure washer

The classical pressure washer cleans the facade only partly. Very often shades and residues of the graffiti are left. The strong water jet opens the pores of the surface and damages it very often. In addition, anything that runs down the facade has to be collected by law. Those appliances are very lavish and the disposal of the residues aftrewards is very costly.

Dry-ice blasting

Another possibility is the dry-ice blasting. Since the blasting medium literally dissolves into thin air after the work, only the removed residues remain on the ground. These must be disposed off properly. The purchase of the entire system is very costly and the storage of blast media (dry ice) only possible at short notice. Furthermore a device like that can only be handled by professional staff. This technique is profitable only for companies with a large number of orders.


The last conventional mechanical option for graffiti removal is sandblasting. Sandblasting refers to the compressed air blasting with solid blasting media. Different blasting media come to use. Due to the fine dust silicosis that develop, quartz sand is no longer admitted as a blast media in most countries. In addition, there are also more suitable materials for different purposes. The residual blasting debris must also be disposed consumingly.

Depending on the blasting media, blasting operations are always associated with more or less extremely high mechanical loads, which can cause considerable damage to the machined surfaces. The health and safety measures associated with these works are also connected with considerable effort. The high dust levels and the considerable pressure of the sandblasting system are committed to large-scale closures of construction places and to appropriate protective clothing. Conclusion: sandblasting should be performed only by professional companies.


But there is also a cheap and eco friendly way. The alternative to a pressure washer, dry-ice blasting- and sandblasting.

Vacuum blasting

Still not as widespread and known as the before mentioned methods, but the most effective method if you want to remove graffiti for low cost and environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly, because everything remains in a closed circuit and inexpensive because the running costs are extremely low. Due to the permanent reuse of the abrasives you can calculate approximately 0.50 - 0.80 €/sq m for the blasting agent. The current cost of 0.20€ /sq m can be neglected in the calculation. You do not need protective clothing and must not shut off. Another big advantage of the vacuum blast method is that this system can even be used in winter at minus temperatures. The cleaning machine is explained in 5 minutes and can be operated by anyone.