Graffiti removal equipment Tornado ACS

graffiti removal equipment of systeco
graffiti removal equipment Tornado ACS.

Do you want to remove graffiti from a house wall? Then use the graffiti removal equipment Tornado ACS of systeco. You will be surprised how easy it is to remove graffiti from clinker, concrete, plaster, natural stone and EIFS facades, if you have the right cleaning technology.

Graffiti removal equipment without environmental pollution

Forget about pressure washers and chemical detergents, with graffiti removal equipment Tornado ACS graffiti removal is not just easier but also environmentally friendly. Due to the patented vacuum blast method the dirt is removed from the surface in layers and disappears immediately in the filter system of the machine.

There are no ablation residues distributed in the area, as with a pressure washer and there is no costly disposal of wastewater.

The graffiti removal equipment which is gentle to the surface

The graffiti removal equipment Tornado ACS works especially surface gentle, so that for example grouts on clinker facades and even more sensitive building surfaces won´t be damaged. By choosing the right blasting media, damages on facades which are caused by incorrect maintenance, can be avoided in advance.

systecos graffiti removal equipment can do a lot more then removing graffiti from house facades, they also suit perfectly for staircase renovation, floor cleaning and monument protection as well as for photo engravings on granite and much more. Find out about all the various application fields of systeco on our website or directly from one of our trade partners.