Graffiti removal on tile in a pedestrian tunnel

  • Graffiti removal on tile easy done with the Tornado ACS cleaning equipment. Especially grouts are perfectly clean again.

    Graffiti removal on tile is also possible in winter at minus temperatures, since it works without water and chemicals. With a pressure washer that result cannot be obtained. With that minimally abrasive blasting method, tiles and grouts won't be damaged.

graffiti in a pedestrian tunnel
graffiti removal on tile with green cleaning machine
grouts are perfectly clean
cleaning equipment for graffiti removal on tile

Graffiti removal on tile possible in winter?

The pedestrian tunnel was ordered to be cleaned in winter at minus temperatures in public. Is it possible to remove graffiti on tile? Yes, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is ideally suited for graffiti removal on tile. The work could be done without barriers and without disturbing of passers-by.

graffiti in a tunnel
graffiti removal on tile and grout with cleaning machine of systeco
removed with Tornado ACS
graffiti removal on tile with systeco
pedestrian tunnel in Halle
graffiti removal on tile
cleaned during public business