Tornado ACS for graffiti removal techniques

For effective graffiti removal techniques it is important to use the right one. At first you have to consider from which surface the spray paint must be removed.

The one who is traing to use a pressure washer to remove graffiti from brick or natural stone can get a bad surprise. Because of the hard blast is always the danger that either the stones surface ot the grouts are damaged. You can also get chemical graffiti remover, to clean the paint daubs, but which is an unnecessary burden for the environment.

Tornado ACS, the ultimate
graffiti removal techniques

With the graffiti removal techniques from Tornado ACS of systeco, graffiti can be completely removed surface- and environmentally friendly from all mineral surfaces.

For that neither high pressure, water or chemicals are necessary, since the cleaning equipment  Tornado ACS works with the technique of vacuum blasting. It only takes to fill the matching surface blast media in a storage tank of the machine and the graffiti removal can be started.

Graffiti removal techniques were never that easy!

The graffiti removal techniques of systeco can be used anywhere and even operates at minus temperatures. Fot the operation neither prior knowledge nor special safety measures are necessary.

For the removal of graffiti on building facades in public, not even  barriers have to be erected. Have a look at out website and find out about the various applications of cleaning machines Tornado ACS.