Tornado ACS machines for graffiti removal

Machines for graffiti removal of systeco-
instead of brush, chemicals and muscle power.

The manual graffiti removal with a brush and chemical detergents has often only little success and on top of it burdens the environment. Graffiti, where the spray paint on the house wall is already hardened or also on large area paint dubs, you are already bad advised with a manual cleaning method. Here graffiti can only be removed with professional cleaning equipment.
Tornado ACS cleaning technology of systeco instead of pressure washer
While use of pressure washers a facade surface can also be damaged quickly and the dirt is distributed throughout the area, can the Graffiti removal with Tornado ACS machines perform from Systeco without any problems. No matter if graffiti on brick, natural stone, concrete, plaster, paint or tile shall be removed, with systeco cleaning machines any facade can be completely cleaned in no time.

systeco machines for environmentally friendly facade cleaning

systeco machines for graffiti removal can be used anywhere and are even operating at minus temperatures. Prior knowledge and safety measured are not required for the operation. During work on busy roads not even barriers have to be erected. The eco-friendly cleaning technology doesn´t allow debris to enter the environment. The dirt is collected in a filter system of the machines and is disposed aftre the cleaning process.

I f you are curious, have a look at our website and fiond out more about the various application fields of the graffiti removal machines Tornado ACS.