Removing graffiti from brick with systeco

For removing graffiti from brick, the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS from systeco is just right for you. It is very easy and convenient to work with the systeco cleaning technology. For sure, you have never before seen a brick facade cleaned like that.

You don`t have to worry about the disposal of contaminated water when removing graffiti from brick. The environmentally friendly cleaning machines Tornado ACS work without high pressure, water or chemicals.

No chance for graffiti on brick with systeco!

Removing graffiti from brick with cleaning machine Tornado ACS means complete gentle surface cleaning, neither stone nor grout are damaged. Thanks to the surface gentle vacuum blast method, the paint is removed from the surface layer by layer without residue and is collected in the filter system of the cleaning machine. After the cleaning process, the disposal of the residue takes place.

Try it out yourself, the brick wall is clean again in no time and without spreading dirt into the environment like a pressure washer would do. For the removal of graffiti from brick walls on busy roads, no barriers are required.

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS are not only suited for removing graffiti from brick, but they can also be used for the cleaning of concrete-, plaster-, natural stone and EIFS facade.

In addition, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is also used in soil remediation. High quality surfaces, travertine and sandstone can be excellently cleaned with the vacuum blast technology. More information can be found here on our website.