Removing graffiti from sandstone

Removing graffiti from sandstone is not very easy, since sandstone is a large pored construction material, which absorbs very easy water and paint. Once the spray paint is older and completely hardened, removing graffiti with conventional means is out of the question.

The one who wants to use a pressure washer, should think twice about that.  Due to the hard blast the microscopic structure of sandstone changes, which can cause that the sandstone´s surface pollutes even faster than before.

Removing graffiti from sandstone surface gentle and environmentally friendly

Do it like the cleaning-pros, because they are using the surface gentle systeco cleaning technology Tornado ACS for the graffiti removal from sandstone. With the cleaning equipments of Systeco can remove graffiti on natural stone completely without damaging the surface. On top of the Tornado ACS cleaning machines are also very environmentally friendly because they work perfectly without high pressure, water and chemicals.

Removing graffiti from sandstone with vacuum blast method

The cleaning technology Tornado ACS is based on a patented vacuum blast method, which is the best cleaning method when it comes to graffiti removal from sandstone. All you need is a normal power connection and the appropriate blast media.

If you wanto to find out more about systeco´s cleaning machines for graffiti removal, also on all mineral surfaces, then just have a look at our website. The Tornado ACS removes graffiti not only on natural stone, but also on clinker, plaster, paint, concrete and tile.