Innovative cleaning methods of systeco

Innovative cleaning methods with the unique minimally abrasive vacuum blast technology, also referred to as soft blast method is not comparable with any other blast method. By applying different blasting material (granules), various surfaces are cleaned environmentally friendly and gentle, or de- rusted. The closed circuit of the system allows dust-free working in a vacuum and a permanent recycling of blasting agents used up to 100 times. The surface to be processed is not damaged, which enables the application to sensitive and valuable surfaces. Special health and safety measures are not required, since neither will work with chemicals nor with pressure. The extremely compact cleaning machine is easy to transport and thus flexible in use.

The patented cleaning technology Tornado ACS of systeco allows absolute surface protecting and eco friendly cleaning of all building surfaces. Using the unique vacuum blast method impurities such as algae and moss, efflorescence, dust and exhaust residue, and even graffiti, can be removed completely.


Vacuum blasting - the innovative cleaning method

The extreme cleaning effect is achieved with the dry vacuum blasting through the removal of the dirt layer. It is similar to a grinding process. For this the Systeco cleaning technology doesn´t need water or detergent. All ablation residues remain in the closed circuit of the machine and is collected in a filter system. Thus, you not only protect the surface, but also the environment.

future innovative cleaning methods with systeco

All you need for the innovative cleaning methods of Tornado ACS, is a normal power supply and granules which meet the actual requirements. Choosing the right blast media depends primarily on which type of surface needs to be cleaned. For brick, natural stone and concrete the best choice is jet glass and asilit, whereas with sensitive surfaces such as polished granite or glazed tiles the special granulate nutshell is used. You can find an overview of the different blasting agents and their fields of application here: blasting material (granules) Convince yourself of the benefits of Systeco cleaning systems, you can not only clean facades and terrace floors, but also create paint removal, photo engravings and remediate fire damage.

Graffiti removal

With the innovative cleaning methods of Tornado ACS graffiti on brick, natural stone, rough plaster and paint can be removed easily and quickly. The system is built in a few minutes and ready for use. The expensive disposal of contaminated detergents omits since neither water nor chemicals are used.

Facade cleaning

Rust, algae, moss and saltpetre let facades over the years are very unsightly. The innovative cleaning methods of cleaning machine Tornado ACS removes those contaminants without leaving any residue. Due to the vacuum the jet cap keeps by itself on the surface, which makes a fatigue-free working possible, without great effort.

Fire damage restoration

After fire damage the walls in a house must be completely cleaned or replaced. With conventional blasting methods, without a closed cycle, as high-pressure cleaner or dry ice blasting, is hardly possible. The innovative cleaning of cleaning machine Tornado ACS cleans the surface during fire damage restoration without burdening the environment. Due to the closed cycle, the removed soot remains in the cleaning machine.

Boat cleaning

Boat hulls must be cleaned regularly in the bottom and the varnish has to be removed before repainting. The conventional methods are grinding and sandblasting. With the innovative cleaning methods of the Tornado ACS, an eco friendly boat cleaning on the trailer is possible, without polluting the environment or harming it. The areas to be stripped to the hull can be fixed well. For small clubs, this innovative cleaning technology suits perfect.

Photo engraving

The innovative cleaning methods of the patented vacuum blast method of Tornado ACS is also the perfect solution for portrait engraving and QR-Codes on granite. The sensitive sandblast foil won´t be damaged with the vacuum blast method. The photos and QR-Codes can be applied onto the natural stone in the workshop or directly on site. Due to the closed cycle of the vacuum blast machine, no contamination develops during the creation of the photo engraving on granite. A blast cabin is not necessary anymore for this type of work.