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On this page you will learn all about the company news of systeco and the vacuum blast method. Take a look at developments, trade shows, events and new applications.
The unique vacuum blast method of systeco is constantly developed. Constantly there are new applications for this eco friendly blasting process.

Upcoming Fairs 2019 - national - international

ISSA Amsterdam vom  12.05. - 15.05.2020

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week - Dubai 2019

Auch 2019 waren wir wieder auf der Middle East Cleaning Technology Week  vertreten. Diesmal auf dem deutschen Gemeinschaftsstand. Es gab sehr viele Interessenten aus dem arabischen Raum, die sich für umweltfreundliche Reinigunngstechnik interessieren.
Direkt auf der Messe konnten wir einen neuen Handelspartner für Saudi Arabien gewinnen. Wir gehen davon aus, dass es im Nachgang der Messe noch viele Abschlüsse geben wird.

CMS Berlin 2019

Das systeco Team war wieder auf der CMS 2019 in Berlin vertreten und erneut war es ein voller Erfolg. Umweltfreundliche Reinigungstechnik ist immer mehr gefragt.
Diesmal konnten wir den Tornado ACS im Innnen- sowie im Außenbereich vorführen. Reinigen OHNE HOCHDRUCK, OHNE WASSER, OHNE CHEMIE mit unserem einzigartigen patentierten
Vakuumstrahlverfahren hat die nationalen und internationalen Interessenten begeistert.

ISSA Istanbul 2019

In 2019 systeco starts with a trading partner in Turkey. At the beginning the systeco team had a booth at the ISSA Istanbul 2019. The interest was very high. Environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning technology is now in demand worldwide. Accordingly, we had a very large response at the trade fair. Many national and international visitors were particularly interested in our unique revolutionary vacuum blasting method 
without high pressure, without water and without chemicals.

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week - Dubai 2018

The systeco team was represented for the first time at the Middle East CLEANING Technology Week in Dubai and it was a complete success. Environmentally friendly cleaning is an important topic worldwide.

Therefore many national and international visitors were interested in our unique revolutionary  vacuum blasting process without high pressure, water and chemicals.

As a special show effect, fingernails were stripped of nail polish. So you could see very clearly that you can work with the Tornado without any worries.

ISSA Amsterdam 2018

The international cleaning trade fair ISSA from 15 May - 18 May, 2018 in the exhibition halls in Amsterdam was again a complete success. The increasing awareness for environmental protection and the extended environmental protection requirements in Germany, Europe and the world make the systeco vacuum blasting system more and more popular.

Bonner Bautage 2018

The exhibition "Bonner Bautage" took place in Bonn, from Feb24 - Feb 25, 2018.

"Bonner Bautage" is a trade fair for building, renovation and energy saving trades. An extensive exhibition program with local and national companies is offered.

The systeco team presented succesfully this unique revolutionary vacuum blasting processwithout high pressure, water and chemicals.

Saale-Orla-Show 2017

The Saale-Orla show Pößneck is the largest regional fair for building, living and beautiful life.  About 120 exhibitors presented  their products, trends, and services at the Saale-Orla show in Pößneck.  An attractive supporting program with stage shows and informative lectures round off the range of the Saale-Orla show in Pößneck.

The systeco team used the mobile exhibition vehicle "Moby Dick" for the first time. Florian Eberhardt and Gerd Sawall presented the Tornado ACS vacuum blasting system with its versatile applications.

++ Ecological graffiti removal in Leipzig ++

++ Tornado ACS at trade fairs in Rostock and Wismar ++

The vacuum blasting method was also presented at the trade fairs in Rostock and Wismar this year. The Tornado ACS enjoys high popularity. In the meantime, the Tornado ACS can also be rented by private persons in the Bauhaus.


The international trade fair MARMOMACC takes place from sep 28. - oct 01, 2016 at the fair halls in Verona, Italy. Our Italian partner Mr. Federico Viglioli from FEVI can be found in AREA A, stand 7.

Are you interested in ecofriendly cleaning? Or do you know the vacuum blast method already and want to learn more? Just have a look at the great cleaning system Tornado ACS.

++ Limescale removal in swimming pool ++

In a Berlin swimming bath at Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg the beautiful black granite in the interior area is completely calcified. With the vacuum blast method the limescale was totally removed. Even during running business the limescale removal can take place. Find out more ...

++ Fire damage restoration ++

The vacuum blast method is increasingly being used in the fire damage restoration. Whenever fire damages have to be removed in closed rooms, during production or in public, the Tornado ACS is used. Find out more ...

++ QR codes at cemetery ++

Lately the demand for QR-codes at cemeterys has raised immensely. Many customers would like to subsequently apply a QR code on the tombstone. No problem for the vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS.
Find out more about QR-codes at cemetery.