photo engraving on granite

Photo engraving on granite with the Tornado ACS

The patented vacuum blasting method from Tornado ACS is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite and QR codes on natural stone. The sensitive foil is not damaged with this soft blasting method. The photos and QR codes can be applied directly on the stone in the workshop or on site. Because of the closed cycle of the vacuum blasting method no contaminations develop. A blast cabin is no longer needed for this work.

  • Here you can see the creation of a photo engraving on black granite.
    At first a foil must be created with the desired subject. This is placed on a clean stone and pressed on to it with slight moisture. Then the vacuum blasting is carried out with the vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS until all areas have reached the requested depth. Afterwards the foil is removed and the contrast is increased by applying white paint.

sandblast foil for granite
photo engraving on granite
blasted photo on granite
systeco for photo engraving on granite

To create a photo engraving on granite with the vacuum blast machine of systeco has many advantages. The object doesn´t have to be placed inside or outside a blast cabin. The area to be vacuum blasted can be of any size and the foil is not damaged even during long and intense vacuum blasting.

While you have to watch very carefully when using high pressure blasting that the blasting is not too strong or transverse, we always achieve best results with the vacuum blast technique. One doesn´t have to be a pro.

You would like to find out about creating photo engravings? Find out here about the creation of photo engraving on granite.

Vacuum-blasted company logos on granite

Company logos can be engraved well on granite with the vacuum-blast machine of systeco. That especially works directly on site on a facade outdoors as well as inside. The company logo can be blasted at any size without barriers. Find out more about company logo vacuum-blasted on granite.

sand blast foil for company logo
photo engravings on granite
vacuum-blasted logo
granite photo engravings

Jörg-Burkhard Wagner
vacuum-blasted images with sand blast foil

Sand blast foil from stone carver

To create photo engravings a sand blast foil is required, that needs to be designed with the requested motive before the vacuum blasting is started. How it operates you can find out on the website of Stone designer & sand blast foil.

The sand blast foil produced, is sticked to the stone. Then the motif is blasted with fine granules. To enhance the contrast color can be applied afterwards (for dark stone white or silver). Then the sand blast foil is removed and the image is ready.

subsequently created QR-Code
photo engraving tomb

QR Code on tomb

Tombs, which are provided with a QR Code, you can see more often lately. The QR-Code anables with an internet compatible smartphone or tablet a  direct connection from tomb to the internet, where the visitor is lead to a certain website. This modern form of grief can even be done on an already exisisting tomb, Trauer lässt sich sogar bei einem bereits bestehenden Grabmal zum Ausdruck bringen, while applying the QR Code on a tomb directly on site.

  • photo engraving on granite of a rose
    Photo engraving on granite
  • First engraving
    created with a vacuum blast machine

    In Iserlohn engravings are made on granite with the vacuum blasting method of systeco since 2013. Mr. Pempait from company "Grabmahle Friedrich"(gravestones Friedrich) is using the Tornado ACS successfully for all photo engravings. The advantage of the system lies in the flexible use. The stone to be processed must not be placed in a blast cabinet.

    The photos, graphics and QR-Codes can even be applied directly to the stone on site. A normal power connection is sufficient - and the vacuum blasting system is ready for use.

photo engraving with negative pressure
Photo granite engraving with engraving machine
portrait engraving on granite
Photo granite engraving with foil
original photo and blasted image
photo granite engraving eco friendly