Granite engraving machine of systeco

With the granite engraving machine Tornado ACS of systeco you can easily create photo engravings and grave stone engravings, or another example is to engrave a company logo on granite.

The granite engraving machine is easy to operate, so you get excellent results without prior knowledge. All you need for that is a systeco granite engraving machine, blast media, a normal power conncetion and sandblast foil with a motif of your choice.

Thanks to the innovative vacuum-blast method, which is also known as negative pressure jet process, any desired photo motif can be blasted on to the granite slabs.

Working with the systeco granite engraving machine!

You only have to press the sandblast foil onto the clean surface of granite, with a bit of moisture and you can start to engrave granite with the granite engraving machine Tornado ACS. The jet hood must be placed on the foil and blasted with the jet lance on it so long until the desired depth is reached in all areas. The engraving can be watched through vision panels at the jet hood.

Once the granite engraving is finished, the sandblast foil must be removed and the work is done. To increase the contrast, it is recommended to apply white colour afterwards.

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