Granite engraving with engraving machine Tornado ACS

vacuum blast machine
granite engraving eco friendly

How can you engrave the subject of a photograph or a QR-code on granite? The unique vacuum blast technique Tornado ACS cannot only be used for graffiti removal and facade cleaning, but also for granite engravings. In no time the cleaning machine can change into a professional applicable granite engraving machine, which can be used for creating top visual photo engravings on granite.

Granite engraving trouble-free

After the sand blast foil is made, it is placed and pressed onto the cleaned stone surface. Thereto a soft scraper and some moisture helps. After, the blasting process with the vacuum blast machine can start. This must be continued until all areas of the subject have reached the desired depth. The blasting can be visually controlled by the window of the jet hood.

After finishing, the sand blast foil can be removed with the scraper and your granite engraving is ready. Afterwards, the contrast of the subject can be increased by applying white paint.

create sand blast foil
granite engraving of systeco
place sand blast foil
granite engraving machine
motif ready for blasting
create granite engraving
engraving with vacuum blast machine
granite engraving blasted

subject after blasting
granite engraving with Tornado ACS
the foil is removed
granite engraving
applying white paint
granite engraving with systeco
finished image after cleaning
granite engraving