Gravestone engraving on granite

With the systeco engraving machine Tornado ACS you can simply customize an image engraving on granite. Wheather the motif is from your favourite picture or a portrait of a beloved person, with the Tornado ACS you can perpetuate trouble-free in granite.

Granite facades. wall charts, floors and gravestones made of granite, receive an individual note by gravestone engraving and enhance the optical effect of this wonderful natural stone.


Granite adorned with an image engraving!

In order to perfectly engrave the most beautiful motifs in granite as an image engraving of systeco, you don´t need prior knowledge, the entire engraving process is very easy and can be done either locally or in a work shop.

The engraving machine is light and compact and works especially quiet. Special safety measures are not required for use. You don´t even have to wear protective gloves or safety glasses.


Working like a pro with the Tornado ACS

The blast technology Tornado ACS works based on a patented vacuum blast method, and needs the appropriate blast media, a sandblast foil for creating a granite image engraving and naturally a power supply.


That you do not have to carry the granite slabs to be machines in a blast cabine, but instead to go directly with the blasting machine to the work piece, is just one of the many benefits of vacuum blast machine of systeco.

Try it yourself, the systeco trade partners advise you at any time.