Stone engraving machine for perfect stone engravings

Stone engraving machine Tornado ACS of systeco is not only the ideal partner when it comes to facades and floor cleaning, but also for the making of stone carvings.

Thanks to the vacuum blast method photo motifs, company logos, but also individual designs can be engraved into stone. The stone to be engraved does not need to be carried in a blast cabin, the special stone engraving machine can easily be brought to the stone slab, no matter how big it is. The stone engraving machine Tornado ACS machine is light and compact and can be used at any place.

With a stone engraving granite and marble facades are unique pieces and offer a real eyecatcher. All that is necessary to have a stone engraving machine Tornado ACS, a normal power supply, blast media (fine granules) and a sandblast foil with your motif.

Try it yourself. You will be astonished, how simple it is to create photo engravings into stone. Simply place the sandblast foil on the stones´surface and press on to it with a bit of moisture. Than put the jet hood on the motif and move the jet lanze evenly over it. The process can be easily observed through the window of the steel hood, goggles is not necessary. If the subject has reached at all points the desired depth, the beam foil is removed from the finished stone engraving.

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