The pressure washer alternative of systeco cleaning technology

cleaning technology as pressure washer alternative
pressure washer alternative

The pressure washer alternative Tornado ACS of systeco is trusted by professionals for the cleaning of facades, walls and floors. The ultimate pressure washer when it comes to remove residues like lime, efflorescence, moss, algae, rust and graffiti completely from mineral surfaces.

High pressure cleaner was yesterday,
today it´s the cleaning machine Tornado ACS

With pressure washer alternative Tornado ACS, dirt is removed,  in contrast to a pressure washer, completely surface gentle layer by layer. That way each brick-, concrete-, natural stone and EIFS facade is spotless again.

Gentle cleaning of building surfaces

The pressure washer alternative Tornado ACS of systeco works without damaging the surface. Through the patented vacuum blast method even the most persistant pollutes are cleaned trouble-free. And you don´t even have to strain yourself. The operation with systeco´s cleaning equipment is easy done. Neither prior knowledge nor are special safety measures required.

Pressure washer alternativce without high pressure, water and chemicals!

With the innovative pressure washer alternative of systeco, work is done in a closed circuit. No residues can penetrate the environment. The fine dust filter captures any substance. Coarse particles are collected in a sieve which is located in the machine. Thus, all residues can be disposed of easily and environmentally friendly after the operation.

Convince yourself of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS as a pressure washer alternative. More information can be found on our website.