Tornado ACS references

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The minimal-abrasive technology enables an ecofriendly cleaning, removal of lacquer and devarnishing off surfaces. For the cleanup we use a vacuum blasting method, which works in a continous closed circulation. Thus enables a re-use of the blasting material. The application in interior areas or especially in endangered spaces can unproblematically be solved. Also no further protective arrangements need to be done.

The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative to the conventional high pressure system. Even the dry ice blasting system or pressure washers are not comparable with this unique and revolutionary green cleaning technology.

Motorway maintenance

The cleaning machine Tornado ACS with its unique cleaning technology is now being used in several motorway maintenance authorities for cleaning the toilet stations in the parking lots and for environmentally friendly graffiti removal on the highway bridges. A shut-off of the motorway and on bridges is not necessary, even the toilet houses must not be locked during cleaning.
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Subway Berlin (BVG)

In the Berlin subway stations, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is an important player. The Tornado ACS cleaning equipment is used in the Berlin subway advantageously. The stations can be cleaned in public even in freezing temperatures. Due to the closed circuit there is no risk for the environment.
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Tomb engravings

Stonemason Mr. Pempeit of "Grabmale Friedrich" is creates photo engravings on granite for many years already. Since he discovered the vacuum blast method of systeco, he only uses the vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS. Mr. Pempeit says: "There is no better blasting method to create photo engravings on granite."
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Floor tile cleaning in a car dealer shop

The floor tiles in repair shops of car dealerships are facing severe loads. Therefore the floor cleaning often proves to be very difficult. In a car dealership of Porsche the floor tiles in their repair shop should be changed and completely cleaned (refurbished). With common means it did not succeed. Only with the use of the Tornado ACS cleaning machine the tiles were cleaned without residues.
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Cleaning sandstone floors

A sandstone floor is of high quality and visually stunning. Only the cleaning is often very problematic. Through the use of high pressure cleaners, the microscopic structure of the sandstone changes, which makes the sandstone floor dirty faster in the future than before. With the vacuum blast method of systeco cleaning sandstone floors goes perfect
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