Special cleaning with vacuum blast machine

Every time when common methods fail, the vacuum blast method of systeco comes to use. The Tornado ACS is the perfect alternative to pressure washers, especially then, if open blasting is not possible for the usage.

Some special cleanings we would like to introduce here. The advantage of this eco friendly cleaning technique is mainly the closed cycle and the very gentle minimally abrasive cleaning. For work in clean rooms, mould removal and fire damage restoration there is a special HEPA filter, which we have been offering since 2018.


There are still many more application fields for the vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS, which cannot be listed here.

Industrial floor cleaning

Industrial floors are often exposed to heavy loads. In a new factory of Nestlé Germany AG in Schwerin, ink has leaked from an inkjet printer in a production hall and has spread across the floor.
Find out more about special cleaning of industrial floor.

Removing floor markings

The removal of paint marks as shown in the picture, is possible without problems with the eco friendly special cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The marks are completely removed. Also the special cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is suitable for floor cleanings, when new marks have to be placed. The result is a perfectly prepared surface, on which the paint can last permanently. Find out more about special cleaning of floor markings.

Gravestone cleaning

How to get a gravestone clean again without much effort? The use of chemistry and high pressure is very unsuitable and mostly forbidden. With the vacuum blasting method from systeco Reinigungstechnik a gravestone can be cleaned effortlessly in a short time. The closed circuit of the system enables environmentally friendly working.
Learn more about gravestone cleaning.

Aircraft fuselage paint stripping

In the aviation museum Finowfurt you will find many historic aircrafts of the NVA and the former Soviet Armed Forces. Many of the exhibits became old in the meantime and before a new coat of paint can be applied the old paint has to be stripped. Find out more about aircraft paint stripping.

Special cleaning of floor

Especially difficult floor cleaning in a PCB panel factory in Berlin. The floor in some production areas is so heavily contaminated by the special paint used that the original flooring is nothing more to see. With conventional detergents the cleaning fails. Find out more about the special cleaning of floors.

Special cleaning at Siemens

The container consists of an approximately 8 mm thick sheet steel that is lined with wood. The timber layer is provided with a 1-5 mm strong 2K coating that has to be removed. The tank had to be cleaned during operation. Find out more about special cleaning on wooden container.

Special cleaning of bronze fountain

In this particular case the scratch work shall be removed from a bronze fountain with cleaning machine Tornado ACS without damaging the oxidation layer. There is a special way in which the Patina is maintained. Find out more about the special cleaning of bronze.

Special cleaning of wood

The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is well suited for spot cleaning and paint removal of wood. Especially on hardwood, dirt and paint can be removed well.
Find out more about special cleaning of wood.

Special cleaning of emulsion paint

Dispersion paint is supposed to be cleaned completely from a natural stone chimney. With the eco friendly special cleaning technology Tornado ACS you succeed without any further prevention arrangements. High quality furniture and equipment does not have to be moved or covered. Find out more about special cleaning of emulsion paint.

Special cleaning of grinding stones in rice mill

The cleaning of the grinding stones when installed is a special Harausforderung. So far, the millstones had to be removed for cleaning. With the cleaning machine of Systeco goes without expansion. Find out more about special cleaning of grinding stones.

Special cleaning to derust metal

The special cleaning machine Tornado ACS can also be used well to remove rust from steel beams or steel fences. In order to ensure a vacuum, a bounce sheet has to be placed behind the fence. Find out more about special cleaning to derust metal.

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With the eco friendly vacuum blast method from systeco, not only photovoltaic systems can be cleaned. The application possibilities of the Tornado ACS are very diverse and everything without high pressure, water and chemicals.