Cleaning solar panels

cleaning solar panels

Photovoltaic plants are exposed 24 hours to atmospheric conditions. Not only does rain, wind, snow or sun affect the modules.  Pollutes caused by air pollution, dust development, road traffic, bird droppings, falling leaves or fir needles can affect the solar modules surface in the long run quite a lot. Many of the dirt is removed by rain and snow.

However, this is definitely not the case for crusted soils such as heavily corrosive bird droppings or lime deposits as you can see on the photo. In addition, the cleaning effect of rain and snow decreases greatly the inclination angles.

How can you get rid of these stubborn incrustations and calcifications? Not with conventional means. Here the vacuum blast method of systeco cleaning technology comes to use. To prevent the glass surface from being damaged, nutshell (grinded walnut shell) is used as the abrasive, which is repeatedly used in the circuit. The cleaning of solar panels can significantly increase plant yields.


calcified solar panels
cleaning solar panels
the solar panel is strongly calcified and supplies only lilttle power
cleaning solar panels
cleaning solar panels with the vacuum blast method of systeco cleaning technology
cleaning solar panels


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