Special surface cleaning

Cleaning work during running production is always very difficult. The options are very limited or associated with a great effort.

The vacuum blast method is a very effective method for those applications. The closed cycle enables a work without protective clothing is almost every surrounding, even in a surgery room.

Special surface cleaning at SIEMENS

In a SIEMENS plant a large container must be cleaned diameter of about 5 m. The container consists of an approximately 8 mm thick sheet steel that is lined with wood. The timber layer is provided with a 1-5 mm strong 2K coating that has to be removed.

The tank had to be cleaned during running operation. The difficulty laid in the fact that the container was surrounded of numerous motors, pumps and open pipelines. Neither an open beams, still working with protective coating were possible here. Therefore, for this task was the cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the right choice. The closed circuit made it possible to work without the production process to interrupt.

With this vacuum blast technology many other jobs can be done successfully.