Tile cleaning with Tornado ACS

The tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS cleans tile, concrete, and stone floors, as well as grouts like new new. Limescale, rust and other debris are no problem. The closed system allows the use of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS in public business without barriers and safety measures.

The procedure is easy to learn, particularly specialized personnel is not necessary for use. Take a look at the diverse applications.



In hospitals, especially in surgery rooms specific regulations apply when it comes to surface cleaning.

With the closed circulation system of the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS granules and removed pollutions are kept inside of the machine, allowing an optimum cleaning performance.

Neither pressure washers nor dry ice blasting can be used here.

Stone floor cleaning in a church

On the church site in Hildesheim very old natural stone was to be cleaned. The dirt deposits were already many years old and could not be removed by conventional means. A sample was started behind a wind trap.The result impressed the cleaning company and the employees on site. The old natural stone was very clean again. Find out more about stone floor cleaning.

Tile cleaning at a thermal bath

The non-slip safety tiles in a swimming bath, are a particular challenge for cleaning. The rough or very uneven surface of safety tiles pollute very quickly. With the cleaning solution Tornado ACS , these contaminants can be removed environmentally friendly. The cleaning machine can be used while the pool is frequented by guests.
Find out more about tile cleaning.

Granite slabs cleaning

Natural stone floors are a great challenge for cleaning. These pollute very strongly over the years. On the relatively rough surface, dirt particles stick quickly. Up to now, the cleaning of granite slabs was only possible with great technical effort and extensive barriers. But with the vacuum blast method it is is very simple. Find out more about granite slabs cleaning.

Tile cleaning of pool

For eco friendly tile cleaning of a pool also belongs the limescale removal from natural stone and tile. Years of limescale are difficult to remove. With systeco´s eco friendly cleaning machine limescale is removed residue-free without damaging the stone. Find out more about
tile cleaning of pool.

Tile cleaning of sandstone

Natural stone floors pollute very strongly over the years. Due to the rough surface, dirt particles adhere quickly. So far cleaning those floors was possible only with an extremely large technical effort and spacious barriers. With the green cleaning equipment of systeco fast and permanent results can be achieved.
Find out more about eco friendly tile cleaning of sandstone.

Tile cleaning

Tile cleaning, especially non-slip tiles can be very difficult on some occasions. On rough surfaces pollutions adhere even better, which makes it much more complicated to remove them. With the cleaning technology Tornado ACS hard pollutions, as well as boiler scale, can be cleaned successfully.
Find out more about tile cleaning.

Tile and grout cleaning

The eco friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS is the ideal solution for the cleaning of tile grouts. The cleaning machine can be used for both, on the wall as well as on the floor. The grouts can be cleaned fast and efficiently with this green cleaning technology.
Find out more about tile and grout cleaning.

Stair cleaning and stair restoration

The cleaning technology Tornado ACS can meet the requirements of stair cleaning very well. During the process of cleaning, stairs often still need to be used. This makes it very handy that the Tornado ACS is not a pressure washer. Through the closed circulation system no blasting material can escape, which enables dust free working.
Find out more about stair restoration.

Tile cleaning in Porsche car gallery

The floor tiles of a repair shop of the Porsche car gallery were supposed to be cleaned (remediate) after some tiles had been replaced. This was not possible with conventional cleaning supplies. Only the eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS accomplished a residue-free cleanup.Find out more about tile cleaning at Porsche car gallery.

Sandstone floor remediation eco friendly

In order to regain the timeless beautiful and noble appearance of floors and stairs made of sandstone, it is necessary to remediate and to clean them from time to time. With systeco´s vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS sandstone can be remediated eco friendly. The work can be done directly in public business. The handling is very easy. Find out more about sandstone floor remediation.

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