Basic cleaning machines of systeco

For the cleaning of buildings there is nothing better than the systeco basic cleaning machines Tornado ACS. Thanks to the extreme cleaning power and the eco-friendly cleaning technology, the most stubborn impurities can be completely removed. Systeco´s cleaning equipment is the ideal alternative to conventional means. No matter if for the basic cleaning or after construction work or after a fire, with the basic cleaning machines Tornado ACS all kinds of soilings can be totally removed.

Basic cleaning machines without high pressure, water and chemicals

Systeco´s basic cleaning machines do not only guarantee a specially surface gentle, but also a very environmentally friendly basic cleaning. Thanks to the patented  vacuum blast method, which works with abrasives in a closed cycle, neither water nor dirt is spreaded into the environment, like it does with a pressure washer. All Tornado ACS machines have a filter system available, in which the cleaning the debris are caught and easily disposed after the work is done.

Basic cleaning machines withclear advantages

Systeco´s basic cleaning machines are light and compact and can be used without prior knowledge. All of what the Tornado ACS machines need, is a normal power connection and the appropriate blast media. Neither protective gloves nor protection glasses are required.

Convince yourself of the advantages of the basic cleaning of systeco machines. Our trade partners can provide the cleaning technology in practice.

In addition, the basic cleaning machines Tornado ACS suit perfectly for facade cleaning, staircase renovation, boat cleaning and varnish removal as well as for monument protection and for the creating of photo engravings.