Eco friendly travertine floor cleaning

Forget about a brush and chemical detergents, for the Eco friendly travertine floor cleaning, there is nothing better than the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco. They are not only light and compact, but also clean travertine floor surface gentle. Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method all impurities can be renoved from travertine, without leaving stains.

Eco friendly travertine floor cleaning with Tornado ACS cleaning technology

The cleaning technique of systeco is unique, since it neither requires water nor chemicals. All it needs is negative pressure and the aprropriate blast media (granulate) to remove dirt layer by layer from the surface and collect it in the filter system of the machine. None of that enters the outside and the environment remains clean. Therefore no barriers have to be erected in public for the eco friendly travertine floor cleaning.

Easy way of cleaning travertine floor

All the cleaning equipment needs is the right blast media and it is ready to work. Now the jet cap connected by a suction hose with the machine is set to the contaminated site and introduced the jet lance also connected to the machine into the jet cap. Now you can switch on the machine and start the cleaning process.  Thereto the jet lance must be moved evenly over the impurities.

That´s how easy it is cleaning travertine floor with the Tornado ACS. Try it yourself, our trade partner like to advise you.