Mechanical cleaning equipment on non slip-tile

The mechanical cleaning equipment on non slip tile in laboratories, public swimming pools, spas and canteen kitchens are subject to very high hygienical standards. Those can´t be complied only with a brush and water. The desired results can only be reached with a mechanical cleaning. But careful, by the use of pressure wasgers, very often public business has to be stopped partially or even completely.

Mechanical cleaning equipment
on non slip tile with
systeco cleaning technology.

With cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco that won´t happen. The patented cleaning technology works based on a minimally-abrasive vacuum-blast method, which makes the mechanical cleaning of non slip tile possible not only thorough but also to work during public business. In contrast to a pressure washer, no residues escape with the vacuum blast method. All substances are immediately caught in the filter system of the machine, from where they can be disposed of easily after the cleaning process.

At systeco hygiene comes first

With the vacuum blast method, the dirt is removed from the surface layer by layer by granulate (blasting agent), which accelerates to 400 km / h. Without high pressure water or chemical cleaners you can also remove the most stubborn dirt completely. Safety tiles with a very rough surface and grooves are left hygienically. Convince yourself of the benefits of the mechanical cleaning equipment Tornado ACS for the cleaning on non slip tile.