Remediate stair tiles

So far you have used pressure washers or chemical cleaning agents to remediate stair tiles? Then it is about time to get to know the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of Systeco. Our GREEN cleaningtechnology "Made in Germany", allows the modern building cleaning companies easy, efficient and eco friendly remediation of stair tiles.

Remediate stair tiles
with cleaning machines Tornado ACS

With cleaning technology systeco the remediation of stair tiles is easy done. Even safety tiles with particularly rough surfaces or deep tread grooves are completely clean again. Thanks to the innovative vacuum blast method all kinds of dirt can be removed well without great effort. Neither prior knowledge nor special safety measures are required!

systeco´s cleaning technology is useable
almost anywhere

The cleaning machines of systeco can be used anywhere to remediate stair tiles. They are light and compact and for the start-up only a normal power supply is needed. Even at minus temperatures the remediation of outer stair tiles is no problem. Barriers for public stairs are not necessary.

Remediate stair tiles without polluting the environment

Besides all these
advantages offered by cleaning technology of systeco, we have also directed our development referring to the compatibility with the environment. That is why our cleaning units operate completely without water, high pressure and chemicals. All worn residues remain in the closed cycle of the cleaning machine. The environment remains clean.

If you need more information, have a look at our website, you will find all details about the Tornado ACS cleaning equipment and learn about all of the other application possibilities.