Removing rust from tile with systeco cleaning equipment

Taps made of metal, such as taps, pipes or old washing machines can start to rust. Should they be in contact to tile and grouts, unsightly rust stains can develop. Those are very difficult to remove. With water, detergents and brushes you don´t even have to try and with the usage of acid the tile surface can be damaged.

Removing rust from tile, but how ?

If you are removing rust from tile, there is nothing better than using the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco! With the special surface gentle cleaning technology, rust stains on tile can be removed in no time, and without straining yourself. No matter if glazed or unglaszed tile, no matter if at the wall or on the floor, with systecos cleaning machines rust can be removed anywhere residue-free.

Removing rust from tile, that´s how it works!

Systeco´s cleaning machines are light and compact, can be used anywhere and have a low noise level. Neither water nor high pressure are necessary when you´re cleaning with the Tornado ACS, all you need is a normal power conncetion.

To remove rust stains, just place the jet hood of the cleaning equipment onto the affected area and move the jet lance slightly above the surface. By vision panels of the jet hood you can watch how the rust is removed from tile and grouts. A perfectly clean surface is the result.

There are also many other application fields for the cleaning machines Tornado ACS.
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