Rust stain removal from tiles with systeco


Where metal comes in contact with tiled walls and flooring, rust stains appear on tiles and grouts over time. Both metal pipes and valves, but also old washing machines can cause this. The conventional cleaning methods are often very problematic. It is a risk that the grouts are damaged by improper cleaning or the tile surface becomes dull and matte.

Tornado ACS for the gentle rust stain removal from tiles

This won´t happen with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco, since they operate based on a special surface gentle vacuum blast method. The innovative cleaning technology enables the rust stain removal from tile without water, chemical detergents and high pressure. All you need in addition to cleaning machine Tornado ACS, is the appropriate blast media and a normal power connection.

No matter if classic bathroom tile or safety tile in swimming pools and canteen kitchens, systeco´s cleaning machines can be used anywhere for rust stain removal from tiles. The operation is very easy, special safety measures are not required and the noise level of 75 dB nis not louder that a vacuum cleaner. Trust the cleaning technology Tornado ACS of systeco, not only for your tiles but also for the environment.

While cleaning with cleaning machines Tornado ACS, no watse water develops and no other substances can escape the closed cycle of the machine. Public areas don´t have to be closed duirng the operation. Find out more about rust stain removal from tiles on our website or directly from one of our trade partners.