Stair Restoration

When it comes to stair restoration, it is very important that the stairs are still usable. Cleaning with public traffic involved is mostly a given necessity. While working with high pressure or grinding a surface, loud noises, dust and environmental pollutions are the consequences. Especially in situations like this it is very advantageous to use the cleaning machine Tornado ACS. It is not lounder than a conventional vacuum cleaner, enables a dust-free workplace, due to its closed circulation and allows a continous usage of the stairs, since sourroundings are not polluted or locked. The cleaning machine can be used for all kinds of insistent contaminations. So are limestone, rust and remaining floor polish not a problem anymore and can be removed eco friendly.

Stair restoration of sandstone staircase

In Berlin near the Potsdamer Platz, this sandstone staircase was cleaned during public business and afterwards properly sealed. The work was carried out by the company Waltz from Fürstenwalde with the vacuum blast technology Tornado ACS.

stair restoration of terrazzo staircase

The terrazzo staircase must be completely freed of dirt and polish residues. This is not a stair cleaning, but a staircase restoration.

Until now, the staircase has been ground, which resulted in a considerable exposure to dust in the entire stairwell. In addition, the staircase restoration must be carried out in public, which was previously a major hindrance for pedestrians.

The cleaning machine Tornado ACS manages the staircase cleaning dust-free and without barriers. The stairs can be used easily during cleaning. The noise level is about that of a vacuum cleaner industry. It is blasted with aluminumsilicate AS 90 or jet glass SG 150.

stair restoration in entrance hall

In old buildings, the natural stones must be obtained. For this, a restoration is necessary from time to time. With cleaning technology of systeco the stair restoration can be done without damaging the stone.  Even deep grooves and stuck impurities are removed with the vacuum blast system. 

Concrete- and stone stairs restoration

Concrete- and stone stairs are polluting and weathering during the years. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS offers a stair restoration and stair cleaning without high pressure, water and chemicals and is therefore especially eco friendly.