Tile cleaning machine for pros

You are a modern building cleaner and place importance on innovation and a clean environment? Then the tile cleaning machine of systeco is the right choice for you. The advanced cleaning technology of systeco works with the innovative vacuum blast method, which doesn´t only have extreme cleaning power but is also very eco friendly.

Tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS

Whether you want to clean tiles in showers and locker rooms, or safety tiles in a laboratory, with the tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS you always have the right tool at hand. Even stubborn stains such as rust can easily be removed from tile without damaging the tile surface or the grouts.

Tile cleaning has never been easier

tile cleaning machine of Systeco is easy to operate and has extensive applications. It is lightweight and compact and can even be used outdoors at freezing temperatures. For tile cleaning in public buildings you don´t need barriers, neither smell nor noise comes up.


Eco friendly tile cleaning

Our tile cleaning machine nedds neither high pressure nor water or chemicals. systeco´s cleaning systems operate based on the principle of the eco friendly vacuum blast method, where the contaminations are removed layer by layer by blast media which is accelerated up to 400 km/h. The rmeoval process takes place in a closed yccle, so that no substances can get into the environment.

If you want to find out more about tile cleaning machine Tornado ACS and its advantages, have a look at our website or contact directly or contact one of our trade partner.