Travertine cleaning - systeco cleaning technology

Even the builders in ancient Rome were aware of the advantage of travertine. Today eco friendly travertine cleaning is used for facades and floors as well as for decorationg door- and window frames.

With its bright, usually yellowish brown color and distinctive grain, travertine is an eye-catcher in every building. Environmental influences, however, ensure that the surface of a travertine facade or floor weathers very quickly. Please note: the rougher the surface is - the more dirt can be absorbed.

Eco friendly travertine cleaning with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS

The common means for eco friendly travertine cleaning, such as high-pressure cleaners or brushes and chemical cleaners can damage the stone surface. With the cleaning technology of systeco that can not happen. The cleaning equipment Tornado ACS completely removes all impurities from travertine without attacking the surface.

Eco friendly travertine cleaning can be done without great physical effort. Systeco´s cleaning machine is easy to handle and totally safe for man and environment. She is ready for work in no time and can be used inside as well as outside. When working on busy streets, no barriers are required.

The cleaning technique of systeco can do a lot more then the eco friendly cleaning travertine. With the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS you can also clean brick, concrete, plaster and all other mineral surfaces thoroughly and gentle. Further information about the various application possibilities you can find on our website.