Travertine floor cleaner Tornado ACS

Even in ancient times the advantages of travertine in buildings were appreciated and this is still the case today. During that time travertine was mainly used as a building material for all churches and city walls, today it is mainly used for decorative purposes. Among other things, travertine slabs are very popular for laying floors. The warm yellowish brown color of the limestone and the grain are an ornament for each house.  


Travertine floor cleaner, how to use?

To keep a travertine floor beautiful over time, it must be properly cared for. But careful, about 90 percent of all surface damages on travertine floors are based on false and intensive cleaning. While light soilings can easily be removed with water, soap and a brush, but on stronger soilings you have to pay special attention to the cleaning method. Trying here to clean a travertine floor with acidic products, would be a fatal mistake.

The travertine floor cleaner Tornado ACS of systeco cleans especially surface gentle

Systeco cleaning machines do not only preserve the travertine surface, but are also quiet and easy to use. Thanks to the advanced cleaning technology Tornado ACS, any travertine floor can be completely cleaned, no matter if inside or outside. Even weathered travertine is clean again. Try it yourself, you can find the travertine floor cleaning equipment Tornado ACS from our trade partners.