Special cleaning techniques of Tornado ACS 36 (AUS)

The special cleaning techniques of the Tornado ACS are based on a worldwide patented vacuum blast method, which are mobile cleaning devices, designed not bigger then common industrial vacuum cleaners.

The special cleaning techniques work with a vacuum generator and a corresponding filter cartridge and dust deposition as well as appropriate containers for the blast media. The additional components of the cleaning machine include the jet cap and the jet lance.

Face capacity from the special cleaning techniques of Tornado ACS 36 (AUS)

The face capacity of the special cleaning techniques of Tornado ACS is strongly dependant on the material to be removed and the hardness of the base coat. Therefore the face capacity amounts to 1,5 – 5,0 qm/h depending on the application. On very light applications, the face capacity is even above.

Functioning of the special cleaning techniques of Tornado ACS

The Tornado ACS cleaning machine is easy to set up. All components are simply plugged together. After turning on the vacuum generator the abrasive is sucked from the container into the cleaning device. Subsequently the middle flap must be opened and closed again, to allow the cleaning machine Tornado ACS to be ready for use.

The jet cap is places on the work surface and adheres to it by the vacuum. In the jet cap a vacuum of about 150 mbar is generated. With the introductionof the jet lance into the jet cap the cycle is closed. The blasting material is sucked through the jet lance and is accelerated to about 400 km/h. With this speed the blasting media impinges on the surface to be worked on, which will be according to the needs cleaned, stripped or roughened.

This process can be optimally controlled by the user via three vision panels. After impinging, the granules and the removed debris are sucked in immediately. Inside the cleaning machine a fine dust filter is seperating the debris from the granules. The blasting media then gets back to the storage container for further processing. Due to the closed cycle, the cleaning device has a minimum granule consumption.

The Tornado ACS cleaning machine works with a low noise level (75 db) not louder than a common industrial vacuum cleaner. The unique minimally abrasive vacuum blast method is protected by patent.

Advantages of the special cleaning techniques of Tornado ACS

The special cleaning techniques of the Tornado ACS 36 have many advantages compared to the conventional sandblasting or a high pressure cleaner.
The most important are:

- simple handling (no specialized staff necessary)
- fast setup and dismounting (max. 5 minutes)
- transport possible in any vehicle- only 250V~/15 A power connection          necessary
- low noise level, da it works without compressor
- protective clothing is not necessary
- no use of water and chemicals (very eco friendly)
- environmentally friendly due to the closed cycle
- working in public business (barriers not necessary)
- blasting media can be reused up to 80 times (low cost for consumables)
- no hazardous waste in the disposal- in winter with frost useable.