Tile and grout cleaning with cleaning equipment Tornado ACS

Contaminated tile grouts are often difficult to clean. Especially, grouts on the floor pollute very fast. The eco-friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS is the ideal cleaning solution for tile and grout cleaning. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is used for both, tiles on walls and on floors.

Tile and grout cleaning on floor tile

Not just grouts, also tiles are freed from dirt and shine again in new gloss. Very often tiles are replaced, because there seems no viable way of cleaning them. With this eco-friendly cleaning method, the restoration is much cheaper.

Not just grouts can be cleaned

Calcifications on tiles and rust are removed with the eco-friendly cleaning technology, fast and trouble free. As shown below, persistent water stone was removed in a historical market hall in Berlin. The monument protection staff was thrilled. Also, hard limestone in a waterworks and rubber marks in a commercial kitchen disappeared in no time.