Areas of application and use of Tornado ACS

Innovative cleaning technology
-sustainable and climate neutral-

This minimal abrasive technology is able to provide an ecological procedure for cleaning and decoating surfaces. Using the vacuum blasting method, the cleaning process happens continually and in a closed cycle which allows the machine to collect and further reuse the same granules over and over again. 
Due to the closed cycle, dust and particles cannot evade to the outside and therefore the machine can be used indoors and outdoors equally. The machine can be used even in endangered rooms and areas.

The patented Tornado ACS cleaning technology is available exclusively from systeco and its trade partners. The advanced cleaning machine works according to a unique revolutionary vacuum blasting method with no high pressure, no water and no chemicals and uses regrowing raw materials such as walnut shells which makes it even more resource friendly. 

advantages of systeco
cleaning technology

- no high pressure
- no water
- no chemicals
- no protective clothing
- normal power supply
- easy handling
- light and compact
- low noise level
- no hazardous waste
- applicable in frost
- in public areas

- 100% CO2-neutral

Frequent questions about the Tornado ACS

What is the vacuum blasting method able to do?

The application spectrum is very brought. The most important abilities are graffiti removal, facade cleaning, restoration of fire damages, boat cleaning, removal of floor markings, stair restoration and photo engravings. 

The vacuum blasting uses a minimal abrasive granulate that is reused in the closed cycle. This technology enables an environmentally friendly cleaning and decoating of surfaces. It can be used indoors as well as in endangered rooms without any problems. It even is that safe that it is not necessary to wear protective clothing.
This eco-friendly cleaning method is the perfect alternative to conventional methods. It uses regrowing raw materials such as walnut shells and therefore acts especially resource-friendly.

Is the Tornado ACS mobile?

Yes! This is one of the biggest advantages of the vacuum blasting method. Mobile vacuum blasting is on a new level. Sand was replaced by glass and asilit blasting material which can be reused many times. The high cleaning power is achieved through dry vacuum blasting, similar to a grind process, that removes the soiling coat of the surface. All residues stay inside the closed cycle and is collected in the filter system. For this proceeding there are no water or chemicals needed. This not only protects the surface from damage, but also the environment from getting contaminated. All that is needed to work with the Tornado ACS is a normal electric connection and the adequate blast material, or rather granulate. It depends on what kind of surface material is going to be cleaned. 

What follow-up costs do occur?

With the purchase of the machinery all major costs are covered. The wear parts and the granule are just a small part of the whole price. The granule for each usage costs around 0,50 € /qm and the wear parts likewise only 0,50 €/qm. What concerns the electricity costs, that is around 0,20 € /qm. So in total that would make 1,20 € /qm.

Cleaning technology - with no pressure - no water - no chemicals

graffiti removal on concrete
Fire damage restoration in basement without dirt
remove graffiti under monument protection
Remove floor markings without dirt
boat cleaning with no pressure, no water, no chemicals
photo engraving with vacuum blasting of systeco
granite cleaning with vacuum blasting
Reinigung im Denkmalschutz mit Vakuumstrahlen