Areas of application and use of vacuum blasting technology

innovative cleaning technology

The patented Tornado ACS cleaning technology is available exclusively from systeco. The advanced cleaning machine works according to a unique revolutionary vacuum blasting method with no high pressure, no water and no chemicals. The cleaning technology is easy to operate and can be used by everyone.

The minimal-abrasive technology enables eco-friendly cleaning, paint stripping and decoating of surfaces. The vacuum blasting process cleans in a permanent cycle. The used granulate can be used again and again. This innovative cleaning technique can be used indoors and in particularly hazardous areas without any problems. Special occupational safety measures are not required.

This environmentally friendly cleaning technique is the perfect alternative to classic sandblasting. Even dry ice blasting and high-pressure cleaners cannot be compared with this unique cleaning method.

advantages of systeco
cleaning technology

- no high pressure
- no water
- no chemicals
- no protective clothing
- normal power supply
- easy handling
- light and compact
- low noise level
- no hazardous waste
- applicable in frost
- in public areas
- and in cleanrooms

Cleaning technology - with no pressure - no water - no chemicals

graffiti removal on concrete
Fire damage restoration in basement without dirt
remove graffiti under monument protection
Remove floor markings without dirt
boat cleaning with no pressure, no water, no chemicals
photo engraving with vacuum blasting of systeco
granite cleaning with vacuum blasting
Reinigung im Denkmalschutz mit Vakuumstrahlen