Restoration after fire damage

In the context of rehabilitation work after a fire damage the soot removal plays an important role. Here it can do more harm than conventional cleaning techniques here, how they use. High pressure lamps distribute the soot and dirt in the area and can even damage the finish on sensitive surfaces. Also chemical cleaners should be used for the restoration after fire damage with caution, as they often represent a significant burden on the environment.

Eco friendly restoration after fire damage with systeco´s cleaning machines

With cleaning equipment Tornado ACS of systeco all of that can be avoided, because they work totally without high pressure, water and chemicals. Thanks to the patented vacuum blast method, even the most persistant soot layers can be removed residue-free and surface gentle.In this case, all the ablation debris in the filter system of the machine are collected and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly after the cleaning process.

Restoration after fire damage without great physical effort

The cleaning machines Tornado ACS are light, compact and easy to handle. All you need is a normal power connection and the cleaning machine is ready for use in no time for the restoration after fire damage. Now you only have to place the jet hood on the polluted area and move the jet lance above the sooted surface. Through vision panels in the jet hood the process can be watched how the soot layer is seperated and immediately sucked in.

If you want to find out more about the systeco cleaning technology and its various application possibilities, take a look at our website  and you will see it´s worth it.

Fire damage remediation

Cleaning-Pros know that fire damage remediation is not an easy job and can turn into a costly issue. But not with cleaning machines Tornado ACS of systeco, since the systeco cleaning technology works with the innovative vacuum blast method, which is easy to use for fire damage remediation.

Fire damage remediation
without water and cleaning detergents

Our innovative cleaning technology is not only to easy to handle, but also operates completely without water and cleaning detergents and is therefore absolutely exo friendly. All you need for fire damage remediation is the appropriate blast media and a normal power connection.

The cleaning process is carried out by blast media, which is accelerated to a speed of 400 km / h by means of negative pressure. Due to the high impact speed, all traces of soot and other residues are completely removed from brick, concrete, plaster, stone and tiles. The surface remains completely undamaged!

The perfect solution
to remediate fire damage

With cleaning equipment Tornado ACS you are ready for use everywhere, they are light and compact, can be used both in- and outside and operate even at minus temperatures. No special safety measures are required during the work and neither gloves nor a respirator has to be worn. All ablation residues remain in the closed cycle of the machine.

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