Removing graffiti professional

The Tornado ACS cleaning machine with its unique cleaning technology is now being used in several motorway maintenances for cleaning toilet stations in the parking lots and removing graffiti professional on highway bridges. To shut-off the highway on the bridges is not necessary, also the toilet houses do not need to be locked during cleaning. The surface won´t be damaged or affected due to the minimally-abrasive cleaning technique.

Another great advantage of the cleaning machine is, the use during winter. The Tornado ACS can be used ideally at minus temperatures since neither water nor chemicals are used.

Due to the closed circuit of the vacuum blasting method there is no danger for passers and environment. Easy to handle, reliable operation and high efficiency are the distinctive features of our technique. The cleaning devices are easy to transport and therefore flexible in usage. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS is the ideal alternative to a pressure washer and dry-ice blasting.

Working without high pressure, water and chemicals. The perfect alternative to a pressure washer and dry-ice blasting. The surface is cleaned environmentally friendly and gentle. The granules can be reused up to 100 times.

Removing graffiti professional at a toilet station

Graffiti removal at a highway bridge