Facade cleaning without high pressure, without chemicals

Rust, algae, moss, graffiti and saltpetre make facades very unsightly over the years. With the eco friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS those contaminations are removed during the facade cleaning without leaving any residue, eco friendly and with a low sound level. Due to the vacuum the jet cap adheres to the surface during the facade cleaning, which enables a fatigue-proof work with little effort.

eco-friendly facade cleaning

With cleaning machine Tornado ACS sandstone facades are cleaned thoroughly and especially surface gentle from all contaminants. Whether residues from exhaust fumes, industrial fallout, dust, rust, graffiti, moss or algae, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS completely removes all of it, without damaging the sandstone´s surface.

Natural stone cleaning with cleaning technology

Natural stone cleaning ideally succeeds with cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The old dirt is removed completely. Because of the closed circuit, working in public is not a problem during the facade cleaning. Protective clothing is not necessary.