Facade cleaning without high pressure, without chemicals

Rust, algae, moss, graffiti and saltpeter make facades very unsightly over the years. With the eco-friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS these contaminations are removed during the facade cleaning without leaving any residue, eco-friendly and with a low sound level. Due to the vacuum the jet cap adheres to the surface during the facade cleaning, which enables a fatigue-proof work with little effort.

Eco-friendly facade cleaning

With the cleaning machine Tornado ACS sandstone facades are cleaned thoroughly and especially surface gentle from all contaminants. Whether residues from exhaust fumes, industrial fallout, dust, rust, graffiti, moss or algae, the cleaning machine Tornado ACS completely removes all of it, without damaging the sandstone's surface. Vacuum blasting is done purely electrically and largely with renewable raw materials, such as nutshell. This makes the use of the Tornado ACS 100 % CO2-neutral.

Häufige Fragen zur Fassadenreinigung

What helps against persistent soiling?

The best solution is vacuum blasting. The Tornado ACS is an innovative cleaning machine that cleaning all kinds of soiling.
Thanks to the closed cycle and the absorption of every granule and all dust nothing gets to the outside and therefore no after-cleaning is necessary.
That way nothing can exit the machine while it is being used. On top of it, its usage is CO2-neutral.

What security measures are necessary? 

There re no special measures that need to be followed. Even indoors they are not necessary. Due to its closed cycle and the permanent vacuum no granule or soiling is able to get to the outside of the machine. The moment the jet cap is separated of the surface the cycle is interrupted and so is the jet lance. That is why the risk of getting hurt equals zero. It is even possible to get the nail polish off of a finger without hurting it. That is always a popular demonstration on the fairs.

How does vacuum blasting work?


The dust-free vacuum blasting method, also known as vacuum blasting and minimal abrasive vacuum blasting method, differentiates itself from all conventional blasting methods. This method uses as well sand blasting granule, but in this case it is sucked out of the container. This granule is then accelerated in the jet lance to 400 km/h which breaks the paint and detaches it from the surface without damaging it. The paint and the granule are then sucked back into the filtration system where soiling and granule is repeated. The granule goes back into the container where it is reused.

Is the faced cleaning CO2-neutral?

Yes, systeco's vacuum blasting method works CO2-neutral since it is only electricity it needs, and it does not use water or chemicals which makes it a sustainable and future oriented technology. It is also possible to connect the machine to a battery of an electric car.

Natural stone cleaning with cleaning technology

Natural stone cleaning ideally succeeds with cleaning machine Tornado ACS. The old dirt is removed completely. Because of the closed circuit, working in public is not a problem during the facade cleaning. Protective clothing is not necessary.

Environmentally friendly facade cleaning

The environmentally-friendly facade cleaning is possible with the patented vacuum blasting process of systeco cleaning technology - all without the use of high pressure, water or chemicals. This innovative cleaning technology allows residue-free and gentle cleaning of almost all facades. The systeco vacuum blasting process gently removes stubborn dirt from the facade while leaving the blasting media undamaged and reusable up to 100 times. The eco-friendly technology offers a sustainable alternative to conventional facade cleaning and not only protects the environment but also the surfaces to be cleaned. Whether in private or commercial settings, systeco cleaning technology is suitable for building cleaning companies or construction firms and saves time and costs compared to conventional methods. The blasting media remains largely undamaged and can be reused up to 100 times in the cycle.

Choose an effective, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly facade cleaning with the patented vacuum blasting process of systeco cleaning technology.