Plaster facade cleaning - systeco cleaning machines

Do you want to clean a plaster facade and are not sure which method is the best? Then take a look at systeco´s cleaning machine Tornado ACS, with this machine each plaster wall can be cleaned thoroughly and without damaging the surface. Even strong impurities can be removed without any problem, prior knowledge or special arrangements are not necessary.

Plaster facade cleaning the smart way!

The cleaning technology of systeco works on the basis of a the patented vacuum blasting method, which is also called negative pressure jet procedure. Plaster walls are totally clean again, completely eco-friendly without high pressure, water and chemicals. Whether this is the removal of fumes and industrial waste, rust, algae, moss, saltpeter or graffiti.

Plaster facade cleaning surface gentle

Conventional methods such as pressure washers can cause damage to the walls. Should the wall have small cracks, the danger is great for water entering which can cause mold. With the vacuum process of the cleaning machine Tornado ACS dirt is completely removed from the plaster facade, without leaving any marks. All debris remain in a closed circulation during the cleaning process, and can be disposed easy and eco-friendly afterwards.

House owners and professional cleaning companies throughout Germany are trusting the cleaning equipment Tornado ACS for plaster facade cleaning. Find out yourself and get convinced of the advantages of systeco´s cleaning technology.