Comparison of the Tornado ACS systems by systeco

In order to help you compare the Tornado ACS systems, we have put together a tabular overview. In this overview you can see exactly which parts are available in the individual systems and in what quantity.

The basic system is only sold as a second system if a Tornado system is already available or if several systems are purchased at the same time.

The minimal-abrasive technology enables environmentally friendly and climate-neutral cleaning, paint stripping and decoating of surfaces. The vacuum blasting process is used for cleaning in a permanent cycle.
Special industrial safety measures are not necessary. The environmentally friendly cleaning technology is the perfect alternative to classic sandblasting. Other processes are not comparable with this unique cleaning method.

Comparison Tornado ACS cleaning systems

 TopPremiumEliteElite Plus
operating instructions1111
granulate table (seales)1111
hose package (4,5 m)1111
jet hood standard 170 x 170111


jet hood small 170 x 100

jet hood large 230 x 260   


jet lance standard1222
jet lance extra long   1

transport box Top

transport box Premium 1  
transport box Elite  11
additional filter 806 (standard)1233
HEPA filter H14   1
adapter inside corner1111
adapter outside corner1111
adapter cross corner 111
interior rounding  11
external rounding  11
sealing plate1111
baffle plate 111
footseal-set (4 pieces)1233
glass-panes (15 pieces)1233
service-set 111
extension cable 111
warranty time (years)2468
granulate (container of 8 Liter)681014
of which NS 450 nutshell1111
of which SG 150 jet glass2245
of which SG 300 jet glass1223
of which AS 180 aluminumsilicate1112
of which AS 250 aluminumsilicate1223