Tornado ACS products and accessories

The eco friendly cleaning machines Tornado ACS can be used worldwide. We distribute the Tornado ACS cleaning equipment in four different packages (Basis-, TOP-, Premium-, Elite- and Elite Plus-System) and the corresponding versions forthe power supply of the respective countries. Accessories, wear parts and blasting material you can also find on this page.

You can get the price through our trade partners or directly from us. The cleaning equipments Tornado ACS and the accessories can be bought or leased. (Leasing is only possible in Germany).

Tornado ACS Versions for different power grids

The suction head of the Tornado ACS system with the three motors has to be adapted to the different power supply networks worldwide. Therefore, there is a special suction head and the corresponding plug system for each mains voltage, 

In Europe, Russia, China and South America, all power grids are designed for 230 V~.  The exception in Europe is Great Britain, where 115 V~ is still the norm. In the USA and Canada, the power grid is designed for 120 V~ and in Australia and New Zealand for 250 V~. Japan has a power grid with a voltage of 100 V~.

Questions about our products

Does the machine work on ever power point ?

The Tornado ACS cleaning machines are adapted individually to every country's power voltage, and therefore it works on every power point. In Europe, for instance, the power voltage is continually 230 V~ except for England. The security limit is normally 16 Amp. In case there is a limit of 10 Amp the machine can still work with two of its three motors which normally is more than enough. 

Is it possible to purchase more warranty service ?

The guarantee time rises with each cleaning system. The Top-System starts at 2 years guarantee, while the Premium -System has a guarantee of 4 years and the Elite System of 6 years. The Elite-Plus System gets even a warranty service of 8 years. 

Of course, it is possible to purchase more warranty service each year, although the maximum guarantee time is of 8 years.

Where can I find the prices for the Tornado ACS Systems?

You may contact us directly or send as an E-Mail for information on the prices.
We sell this cleaning system worldwide through very different sales structures, which influence the price. That is also the reason we do not reveal the prices on our website.
In case you find the prices on the website of one of our trade partners, please pay attention to the date of appearance and its validity.

Do I need protective clothing while working with the Tornado ACS ?

When working with the Tornado ACS cleaning technology, you do not need to wear protective clothing. Due to the permanent vacuum and its closed cycle neither particles nor dirt get to the outside. The moment you separate the jet cap from the surface you are working on, the cycle stops immediately and so does the jet lance.

Is the ablation special waste ?

The paint, rust and calcium are being broken off the walls and are not being dissolved. That is why it is not considered special waste, and therefore can be discarded with domestic waste. Since this machine cleans without pressure, water and chemicals special disposal is not needed anymore. Naturally, we do not know what you want to clean, so if the material is to be toxic and poisonous you need to follow the prescribed security measures for this substance.

How is the granule discarded ?

The complex and expensive disposal process of contaminated cleaning substances is not needed for vacuum cleaning. The granule can be reused 100 times. Part of the granule is damaged during the cleaning process and is captured by the filter system inside the machine, and the rest is no special waste. It is discarded as normal in domestic waste containers. This is an important advantage that is rare.